Shaker boxes in cherry and maple are hand made by James Morgan. The Shakers, a Christian religious group, left England for America over two hundred years ago. They had a commitment to practicality and an eye for detail and finish in all their crafts. Now there are only a few Shakers left - celibacy had disadvantages. Although Shaker communities no longer exist in their working form their plans and designs are still used today.

James Morgan handcrafts boxes using Shaker materials and methods. The copper tacks that hold the bands and the wooden pegs that pin the bands to the lids and bases are imported from America. Each stage and process closely follows the traditions.

The Shaker lifestyle required a practical flexible storage system for household and workshop use. They adapted an English design of box which was almost round, and changed the proportions to the now classic oval design. The distinctive swallow tails of the joint were designed for practical purposes and with the bevelled detail give a stylish hallmark to the finished box.